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Grand Prix Banquet REDUX

The Grand Prix is over and it's time to celebrate!

✘ Come one, come all! It doesn't matter which character you play, everyone is welcome here! Doubles, triples--who cares?
✘ Have as much fun as you want--I'm not going to put a rating on this post. Just tag your headers appropriately if things start getting frisky~
✘ This is open to everyone! Tell your friends! Test out a new character from the show! Let's just have some fun!

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[personal profile] musicinmotion 2016-12-22 02:40 am (UTC)(link)
[Second place. A silver medal.

Honestly? Yuuri was pleased he'd gotten that much. He'd honestly thought that his short program at ruined his chances at the podium at all but Victor had helped him get a grasp on his strength again; helped him get a grasp on his thoughts and his anxiety and well--

There was always next year.

Dressed in a well tailored suit in a deep navy, compliments of a certain coach of his, Yuuri was actually looking forward to this year's banquet. He was still terribly embarrassed by everything he'd learned happened last year but he was still ready to have a good time. Just..no alcohol.

Instead he's just going to mingle, having lost sight of Victor when the other went off to talk to some of the other skaters and Yuuri ended up at a table by himself, indulging in the moment of quiet to just watch and lose himself in thought. A small smile played on his lips as he rested his chin in his hand and watched everyone mingling, glass of sparkling something or other held carefully in his free hand, clinking softly against his ring as he shifted it back and forth.

At least he'd walked away with a gold of some sort, right?]
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[personal profile] borschtkot 2016-12-22 07:25 am (UTC)(link)
[A world record for the short program. Another record made when he won gold on his senior debut. Knocking JJ right back down to Bronze like he damn well deserved to be, though it was irritating for different reasons now since he'd become friends with Otabek.

Yakov and Lilia were delighted. They both hugged him as the score came in, edging out Yuuri Katsuki for victory. There was that momentary elation but the time it took for them to place the gold around his neck, Yuri was back into that state of mind when the music had ended and he couldn't catch his breath.

He fell.

He chose red for his slim suit, as a reminder of his free skate outfit. Banquets weren't entirely his choice to begin with but tonight he felt even more on edge.

Jumps were his specialty, he'd mastered jumps early. The moment played over and over in his head. Yakov put a hand on his shoulder when he noticed Yuri clearly well distracted. He said something in Russian, something about appreciating where he was, reveling in his victory.

Yuri at least politely excused himself. Which, considering who he was, was out of character. His head was whirling. .12. That as too close. Point Twelve.

Because he fell.

He stops beside a table, blonde hair falling free into his face. He taps his finger tips against the table before bending a knee, mentally going over the jump again in his head, letting himself feel how he should have landed.

His weight shifts onto the leg, hands starting to extend out a bit in a pantomine but his hand bumped into someone's arm and he retracts like a cat being sprayed by water. ]


[Quickly, Yurio, deflect! ]

Not getting blasted drunk like you did last year?
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[Yuuri snaps out of his momentary haze of happiness when he's bumped into and he blinks, turning his head to look at the person, immediately set to apologize--]


[Despite the immediate jab Yuuri can't help but smile, straightening up and letting his hand fall to rest on the table.]

I think I'll pass on that, as entertaining as it was for everyone else.

[Setting his glass on the table, Yuuri stands and offers a hand to the other skater, smile doing nothing but warming.]

I never got a chance to properly congratulate you.
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[Good, it seems Yuuri just assumed Yuri was trying to get his attention and nothing more. He would certainly look foolish right now, having won gold and...

He looks at the hand being offered to him. His eyes slide away, some redness forming on his cheeks, brow furrowing just show in a small, quick expression that spilled his disappointment for just a moment.

Then he takes Yuuri's hand, gripping unnecessarily firmly. ]

I knew the gold was mine after the short program!

[He put on a look of dull arrogance, trying to maintain his image at least a little. ]

Its just the first of many. I hope you and Victor can settle for silver from now on.
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[The embarrassment the other showed from time to time was always rather endearing to Yuuri. The firm grip is returned and his smile grows.]

You definitely deserved it.

[The other had worked his ass off. As much as Yuuri wanted the gold there was no denying that Yuri had given him a run for his money the entire time and in the end it had been close.

Next year would be different.

His smile turns into a playful grin as he releases the other's hand, chuckling.]

I settled for silver this time. I won't let you get gold again that easily, Yuri-kun.
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[Yurio glanced aside again at the deserved it. He had mixed emotions. He had hoped winning gold would feel.. better. Yet it didn't. He had to win, there was no other option of course.. And he had almost lost...

And he'd fallen... ]


[He looks back at Yuuri with surprise. He was going to stay on for another year? Yurio hadn't.. gotten that news yet.. ]

You.. You're not taking the gold from me next year! I'm going to be a SIX time winning champion, and--

[Wait, Yuuri wasn't retiring... and Victor was coming back. JJ, of course, was staying and his technical skills.. Chris would too, Otabek was amazing on the ice and...

His eyes were starting to burn, heartbeat rushing in his ears. His face felt hot and he sways a little on his feet. ]
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[Got you there, Yuri~ He's going to try his hardest for that gold so you better be prepared to fight just as--

Yuuri notices the change in the other immediately and his grin fades into a worried look as he starts to reach out to rest a hand on the teen's shoulder.]

Yuri-kun, are you alright?
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[Yuri jerks back, pushing the hand away. He needed water, his mouth felt like a desert. He grabs a glass off the table and knocks it back, before half spitting it out into the glass. ]

Gross, what is this?!

[He puts his hand over his mouth, holding the glass out to Yuuri. It was champagne. He needed WATER. ]

I'm fine, I'm just thirsty and everything here is alcohol!
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[Yuuri immediately withdraws his hand, holding both up as a sign that he wasn't going to try and touch the other. He wasn't entirely sure what was going on and it was a little worrying, especially when the teen reached for a glass--]


[Too late.

Wincing, the older skater took the glass, giving the other a slightly apologetic look.]

There should be some over by the bar, Yuri-kun.

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[Phichit comes up behind his best friend, somehow alone on the night when he is one of the two most mindblowing men of the hour. He isn't about to let this opportunity go to waste; he throws his arm around Yuuri's shoulder, and snaps an impromptu selfie, smooching his friend's cheek.]

Haha, congrats, Yuuri! God, I still can't stop smiling for you!
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[Yuuri startles when he finds himself with an attachment but he's quick to relax as soon as he realizes just who it is, a laugh bubbling up as his cheek is kissed.]

Phichit-kun! [He hadn't gotten much of a chance to talk to the other since things had been such a whirlwind once the finals ended. Turning some in his seat, Yuuri beams at the other skater.] Thank you! I still can't believe this is all real, if I'm going to be honest.
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[Phichit slides into the chair next to Yuuri's grinning from ear to ear.] Why not? You worked so, so hard for this! And you've improved so much with Viktor as your coach...

[He dropped his voice to a sneaky whisper.] Maybe I should replace Ciao Ciao with a hot guy, too!
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That's exactly why it feels like--

[Yuuri's words are cut off by a laugh that escapes him after Phichit whispers that last bit to him and he bumps the other with his shoulder.]

Maybe that's the real secret to winning. Though that doesn't really explain Victor being a five time champion...
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[Phichit's hand flies to his mouth so he can smother the terrible scream at where his mind goes.]

Oh GOOOOOD Yuuri, you put the worst image into my head just now! You're terrible! Everyone thinks you're innocent but I know the truth.

...Speaking of innocent, what did Viktor say about you two getting married?
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[There may be just the slightest flush to Yuuri's cheeks but he manages a small little grin all the same.]

No one will ever believe you, Phichit-kun! [And honestly it's only around Phichit that he can loosen up like this. He's getting there with Victor but it's still not the same as being around the person he lived with for five years.

And cue the blush getting worse.]

He--we...we haven't really discussed it since then.
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[Phichit's shoulders drop a little, as he sobers up a bit, suddenly serious.]

Wait, really..? I mean... that makes me kind of angry. He's not really going to make you get a gold medal first, is he?

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[This was the first banquet he'd come to without being a skater. It was strange. Well, technically he was still a skater, but he hadn't competed... Well, he supposed.. no. Coaches didn't count. Though Yakov was trying to coax him over to talking to the other coaches.

Boring! He needed to score Yuuri sponsors! He had to mingle and move through the crowd and he certainly did it well. A smile, a wink to the right people, firm hand shakes.

It was draining. But it was something he was well practiced in. Every so often he would peer through the crowd to pinpoint where Yuuri was. Any moment he felt a little stressed.. his fingers would find the ring on hand to touch the metal warmed by his skin.

That was another question he kept getting asked but for that... well he would smile warmly and divert the conversation back to the topic at hand. ]
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[Yuuri had done some mingling but for the most part he had avoided most of the large groups. People sought him out a couple times but he handled it well enough, smiling and making polite conversation before finding a way to slip off to give himself some more breathing room. It wasn't that he was overly anxious tonight or anything like that; he just didn't really feel like being here. At least not with all the reporters and everything.

Another dinner like the one they'd had before the finals started. That would have been fun. Maybe they could figure something out before everyone left.

He had finally parted ways with Chris and Otabek, chatting with the two over in a corner, and sought out Victor. Over the months they'd spent together he'd learned to pick up on small quirks about the other and it was easy to see that the other needed a break.]

Victor! [Looping his arm through the older skater's, Yuuri smiled warmly at him then at the group he'd been chatting with.] Excuse us for a moment? [He didn't wait to really see their responses, gently tugging his coach--his fiance..?..away from the group.] You looked like you could use a break.
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[personal profile] goldmedalvicturi 2016-12-25 01:19 am (UTC)(link)
Victor smiles a winning smile with a toast to the people he was talking to. He turns with Yuuri, all smiles until he was out of sight just enough to let out a heavy tired sigh.

"I am EXHAUSTED! I think I managed three sponsors though which will help a lot with costs for you..."

He probably should renew his own sponsors too but that could be later.

"Are you having fun?"
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[personal profile] musicinmotion 2016-12-25 01:29 am (UTC)(link)
Yuuri shifts a bit closer to the other, pressing closer to his side and giving his arm a squeeze.

"Thank you." He appreciated everything Victor was doing; everything that the other had done. He was always doing what he could to make things easier for Yuuri and it meant a lot.

"I guess?" he admitted, a thoughtful look on his face as he leads Victor over towards a table near one of the large windows. "I'm honestly exhausted and kind of want to be back at the hotel."
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[personal profile] goldmedalvicturi 2016-12-25 03:34 am (UTC)(link)
Victor exchanges his glass for a new one. He was dressed like the most elegant person in the room, with a blue silk tie that brought out his eyes and a black suit that made his skin and hair pop.

"Mm, well we certainly can go back but I might longer a bit longer.."

There was a lot of social dancing still to be done and --

He glances at Yuuri then reaches to brush his fingers through the black hair.

"Unless you want me to come back with you..?"
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[personal profile] musicinmotion 2016-12-26 01:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Yuuri had honestly expected Victor to want to stay and while a part of him did want the other to come back to the hotel with him, he wasn't going to be that type of person. His steps slow to a halt and he tugs on Victor to do the same, smiling softly as fingers card through his hair.

"I don't mind if you stay. You're better at this than I am." Social interactions. Being around so many people. Being the center of attention. Yuuri could deal with it to a degree but after awhile it was just too much.

Plus he hadn't really gotten too much of a break between the end of the finals, the exhibition skate and then the banquet.

"Stay as long as you want," he said reassuringly, the grip he had on Victor's arm loosening so his hand could slide down and take ahold of the other man's momentarily.
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[personal profile] phichitchu 2016-12-24 11:36 pm (UTC)(link)
[He may have come in last place in the Grand Prix Final, but Phichit isn't upset at all about how the day went. It was the best skating he'd done in his life. He got to see Yuuri stand on the podium, then skate with Viktor at the Gala. He got to spend time with so many of his peers in skating, new faces and old. He was able to show the world his skating.

And hey, the guy who came in sixth last year hasn't done too poorly for himself since.

Now he's wandering the party, phone in-hand to take photos of and with everyone he runs into. He is not going to miss the fun this time!]
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[personal profile] motorcyclehero 2016-12-26 01:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[To be completely honest, Otabek was a little upset with himself. If he had just pushed a bit harder he might have been able to edge JJ off the podium but even with the mess ups, the Canadian's technical score was a hard one to beat.

Next year. Next year he was going to get one of those medals.

And hey, he'd gotten to see Yuri take gold and he was happy for the other--extremely happy. So there was at least that.

Milling about on the edges of the masses of people, Otabek was sipping absently at a drink he'd managed to snag when he caught sight of Phichit. While he'd never spoken in length to the other outside of that dinner with everyone, there was something about the other skater that was just..pleasant. Which is why Otabek raises his glass a bit in greeting when the other wanders close.]
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[personal profile] phichitchu 2016-12-26 09:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[When Phichit makes eye contact with Otabek, he knows immediately that he wants to approach him, but he finds himself hesitating uncharacteristically. When Otabek raises his glass that hesitation fades and he approaches this other skater.]

Hey there! I wanted to congratulate you on getting fourth; the competition was intense this year!