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For Shark Husband

It was late. Way later than anyone should really be up and wandering through the Zora domain but here Link was. He had traveled all the way from the Rito village, the several day long journey far more grueling than normal because of how worn out he was. He'd slept very little, far too busy seeking out shrines and dealing with other things that came up, and it was finally starting to catch up to him. Each step felt like he had hundreds of pounds attached to each leg and his arms felt like lead making it painful to lift his sword whenever a moblin attacked him. He kept pushing himself forward though knowing that a warm fire was waiting even if the domain was even wetter than he was because of the light rainfall coming down.

Across one bridge then another, Link finally found himself trudging towards the familiar shape and glow of the Zora palace. His lips pulled into a tired smile as one of the guards greeting him then expressed worry over his state, the champion waving them off and shaking his head--no no, he was fine.

He took one of the long pathways up and crossed to the stairs that led through the dam and to the Eastern Reservoir and the tension that had been holding his frame so tight finally started to edge away. Link trudged over to the bed resting under the gazebo that he had visited many a times, shedding his gloves and cloak once he was there, nudging off his boots then flopping down. A heavy sigh escaped him and he let his eyes close, content just to lay here and never move again.
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Sidon had been informed the moment Link had been seen in the domain, and of course had been told of his exhausted state. As much as he wished to rush to the champion's side to be assured of his well-being, the prince reminded himself that what Link likely needed most right now was rest. No open injuries had been seen, so it could wait until morning.

Instead he rose early, going to the shop to purchase supplies, and then to the kitchens to prepare a Zora breakfast for the hero. A hearty breakfast of roasted fish and snails on a bed or rice, a loaf of bread, and fresh fruits was cooked (with the assistance of another kind Zora that had more experience with these things than Sidon). Packed safely in a waterproof package, the prince then took to the water and up the waterfall to the eastern reservoir to the pavilion where he knew he'd find the Hylian. It was secluded and quiet, and most Zora didn't dare go up there given Divine Beast Vah Ruta's presence until recently, but it made perfect sense for Link to take residence there.

The prince placed the spread on a counter near the bed, careful to move quietly so as not to wake the sleeping warrior, then waited. And waited. And eventually lost his patience and decided to take a swim in the reservoir to burn off some morning energy and leave Link alone.
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Luckily for Link, swimming could be quite distracting. He was given a several minute head start as the prince continued surveying the dam walls before remembering to pop his head above the water to check on his guest and found that not only was Link awake, but he was enjoying the offering Sidon had brought for him. That brought joy to the Zora's heart, and he changed course in the water to head toward the pier that connected to the pavilion.

"Good morning!" He called out loudly as he swam, raising one arm over his head out of the water to wave widely at his friend. "I thought you would never wake."

No response was expected, but it was fun to jab at the young Hylian once in a while. The shark-man closed the space between himself and the pier and jumped from the water in one smooth motion, landing on his feet on the smooth stone. "Enjoying the food?"
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Honestly, he hadn't meant to be flashy at all. Sidon had simply been raised to move with grace, and climbing out onto the stone or flopping up like a stranded fish were not under the category of grace. It was as easy for him to breach in that manner as it was for a Rito to fly.

To see Link rested and content made the prince happy. He meant so much to the Zora for both his contributions to taming Vah Ruta and for his impending role in sealing Calamity Ganon. Not for a moment would Sidon ever imagine leaving him wanting. The way to Link's heart, he knew, was his stomach. Why not endear him further by feeding him well whenever he returned?

"If you insist," he agreed as he took a seat on the edge of the bed, forgetting to consider that he was wet and sometimes Hylians found a soaked bed disagreeable. "How have you fared on recent journeys? Have you tamed the other divine beasts?"
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"Two?" He voiced to confirm, expression one of surprise and awe. That quickly melted into a wide smile as he threw his arms wide with great enthusiasm. "That's amazing! You'll have the others in no time, I'm certain of it."

There was no obstacle in the world that Link couldn't overcome in Sidon's mind. He almost didn't see the frown, but little escaped the watchful eyes of the prince.

"You're worried?" he ventured. "You shouldn't. You're doing something no one else has been able to do, and with great efficiency. The Zora are ever grateful for your hard work, and I'm certain the Rito, Garudo, and Goron will be as well. You've been an excellent help and always a welcome guest."
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Always heartfelt for Link. Actually, always heartfelt for everyone. Sidon didn't have a deceitful bone in his body. Or... deceitful cartilage structure. There was no lying in the politics of Hyrule. Either someone was an enemy or an ally. There was no in between, and with the threat of Ganon, there was no inter-culture wars.

The prince's gaze followed Link's out to the mountaintop where the elephant-machine stood facing Hyrule castle.

"It hasn't moved an inch since it took position there," he assured Link. "Ever vigilant, just waiting for her moment to shine."
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Only the foolish elders believed Link to be at fault for the loss of Mipha. Sidon had grown up hearing Dorephan's stories and believed otherwise. Never once had he held ill-will for the Hylian champion.

Sharp eyes followed the motions of the smaller being as he came closer, concern hidden behind them. He believed in Link, but also worried that his friend was pushing himself too hard, wearing himself out in both body and soul. There would be a Hyrule when this was all done thanks to Link, but would there be a Link to praise if he kept this pace?

"You are most welcome, my friend," he murmured softly, face relaxing into a gentle smile. An arm was placed over Link's shoulders. "Is there anything you need? Weapons? More food?"