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Open RP Post - 2017

There's nothing wrong with reaching for new stars and those distance horizons.

✘ Full muse list is here
✘ Tag a character's header to call them out!
✘ Include a prompt/meme prompt/starter/something for me to reply to. Any sort of prompt you want! Picture, text, etc. I'm down for anything you can come up with.
✘ Alternatively, I'm totally down for AUs as well. Post-apocalyptic, alien invasions, fantasy based--anything! Just tell me what you're interested in!
✘ This is open to everyone! Come one, come all!

Favorite Memes:
Soulmate AU + Morning After Meme + Rainy Day Meme + Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic AU + Buddy Cop AU
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I'll have you know I rolled for literally everything

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[ SO I GOT THE APOCALYPSE THING... with these two. RNG decided 2 > 8 was the thing that should happen. This shouldn't be a disaster by any stretch of the imagination. :') ]

Nobody ever saw it coming...

Well, except maybe those guys who seemed to have made a living off of holding up those depressing signs. He had to wonder just how it had felt for them, realizing they'd had the right idea all along... The end of the world wasn't anything to be happy about predicting, he was sure. Not that it really mattered after all was said and done. But... Noctis wasn't really given a chance to do much about anything, save for thinking about all those things, at first. Being shoved down into a storm cellar and told to wait there... He'd called out a question of until what, only to be met by a slammed door to his face.


He'd waited. Plagued with the last image he'd seen of his dad, left to cry himself to sleep, and the most alone he'd ever been...

... How long had he been down there?

When he wasn't sleeping or eating, he was training. Eventually, he forgot how sunlight felt on his skin... and he forgot how a hot meal tasted... and how a hot shower felt. Well, it was a good thing water and soap was part of the supplies, or else he wouldn't be clean at all. The changes of clothes started to feel tight, though... and the water supplies were low. For a long while, he considered what to do.

The maid who told him to stay down there... what had she expected, exactly? Well, no matter what it was, he couldn't stay there any longer -- he wouldn't just die down there!

Which was what eventually led him back out into the world... One he didn't recognize. Armed with an old sword, he did the best he could. It didn't take him too long to eventually find somewhat better weapons, but... food and water were proving to be the most difficult. He searched old stores, crumbling building... everywhere that seemed the least touched.

Eventually, he came across a place that wasn't quite as empty of life as it seemed... even if he hadn't noticed that detail yet.
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This is beautiful oh my god LET ME KNOW IF THIS IS OKAY

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Vanitas couldn't even remember what the first sign that all hell was about to break loose was. Things had been getting tense for awhile; there had been rumors and videos popping up of supposed creatures that had been appearing but stuff like that is never real. It's just some elaborate prank.

Except when it's not.

Everything he had known collapsed around him and Vanitas had been caught in the middle of the panic. Unlike some he hadn't had the luxury of being shoved in a cellar for protection and had watched as his friends and family were killed one by one. As cities fell and everything was turned upside down. And the creatures--they were everywhere. They were unlike anything Vanitas had ever seen before and more than once he had run for his life when he caught the attention of some of the scavengers. Several wounds later and Vanitas had learned to fend for himself by whatever means necessary. He'd found an axe in a house that had been barely standing by the time he'd come across it and several other small knives were found along the way.

And without him noticing the bite marks he'd acquired had started to fester and turned the flesh around them near black. He didn't feel pain from them but it was definitely effecting him, changing him. Even he didn't realize how bad it was until he killed an old man and a young boy he came across in a department store, leaving mutilated corpses behind as he carted off the supplies they had been carrying and collecting.

Several days later found him on the outskirts of what he'd dubbed a monster 'nest' which also happened to have several stores that hadn't been ransacked or destroyed. And that meant there was food inside them. He wasn't the only one that had found the treasure trove, though, and Vanitas crouched low behind an abandoned car, watching the other young man with narrowed blu--yellow?--eyes. He waited until the other had moved past before he crept along to another car then an overtuned food cart--

Knocking over several cans in the process as he bumped the cart and immediately cursed under his breath. Sloppy!
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OMG HOW DARE HE KILL TALCOTT AND HIS GRANDFATHER (jk but that was my first thought with your tag)

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Even with what natural abilities he came with, there was only so much he could do on his own.

He'd never been taught to fight monsters like those. Hell, he'd just barely been taught how to properly wield a sword around the time he'd found himself shoved into that cellar. With an entirely different world to explore, it was almost as though he'd stepped into a different dimension altogether. What few people still existed in that world were either... half-dead or dying. Some were even more dangerous than the monsters themselves, seeing as they were willing to try killing Noctis just to preserve what little food and supplies they had left.

It was only by finding the rare few who were willing to trade (and the even fewer who were just genuinely trying to help him out), he managed to get further in that world.

Really, it was the only reason he'd even heard about the place he was in. One of the friends he'd made during his travels had mentioned that several had tried getting to the unexplored area, only to die on the way. So, he'd gone into the whole thing prepared to fight his way in and out, and it was just thanks to having learned how to creep around unnoticed that he got as far as he did without being caught. At first.

Spinning around, Noctis quickly raised his weapon -- a freshly obtained blade that he wasn't afraid of testing out on some... one?

"..." Well, okay, he knew it wasn't possible to immediately judge whether a person was there to hurt him, or not.

But, the idea of quickly attacking someone who was just desperate for food or water or... who-knows-what-else, didn't sit right with him. No matter how hungry or thirsty he was, he wouldn't be senselessly stabbing another person. Guess that one guy had been right to call him "soft" after all, but the world was already filled with enough pointless murder by that point. Besides, there was no harm testing the situation first by asking in a voice as calm as possible: "What do you need?"

Sure, there was a hint of unsteadiness to it, but his eyes alone might make it clear he wasn't afraid to fight -- wouldn't be the first... or last time.