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This is beautiful oh my god LET ME KNOW IF THIS IS OKAY

Vanitas couldn't even remember what the first sign that all hell was about to break loose was. Things had been getting tense for awhile; there had been rumors and videos popping up of supposed creatures that had been appearing but stuff like that is never real. It's just some elaborate prank.

Except when it's not.

Everything he had known collapsed around him and Vanitas had been caught in the middle of the panic. Unlike some he hadn't had the luxury of being shoved in a cellar for protection and had watched as his friends and family were killed one by one. As cities fell and everything was turned upside down. And the creatures--they were everywhere. They were unlike anything Vanitas had ever seen before and more than once he had run for his life when he caught the attention of some of the scavengers. Several wounds later and Vanitas had learned to fend for himself by whatever means necessary. He'd found an axe in a house that had been barely standing by the time he'd come across it and several other small knives were found along the way.

And without him noticing the bite marks he'd acquired had started to fester and turned the flesh around them near black. He didn't feel pain from them but it was definitely effecting him, changing him. Even he didn't realize how bad it was until he killed an old man and a young boy he came across in a department store, leaving mutilated corpses behind as he carted off the supplies they had been carrying and collecting.

Several days later found him on the outskirts of what he'd dubbed a monster 'nest' which also happened to have several stores that hadn't been ransacked or destroyed. And that meant there was food inside them. He wasn't the only one that had found the treasure trove, though, and Vanitas crouched low behind an abandoned car, watching the other young man with narrowed blu--yellow?--eyes. He waited until the other had moved past before he crept along to another car then an overtuned food cart--

Knocking over several cans in the process as he bumped the cart and immediately cursed under his breath. Sloppy!

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