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Alternate Universes

A complete list of all the AUs I've created over the past few years.
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Vanitas - Lavender Town

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+From Lavender Town. Goes back all the time because to him it's the only sane place.
+Got all of his badges but just to prove that he could. Really doesn't care about being the best.
+Didn't want a Skitty. Hates the stupid thing but it loves him and follows him everywhere.
+Has mostly ghost pokemon in his storage boxes. Some dark. A couple fire. Has an entire hoard of Gastlys.

Skitty is named Stupid
Houndour is named Nort
Banette is named Ragdoll
Murkrow is named Beak
Gengar is named Lump
Zorua is named Ven
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A nuclear fallout almost 90 years ago caused almost 80% of the world's inhabitants to be wiped out. Those beings that survived--human or animal--were either heavily exposed to radiation or managed to escape the immediate effects. Most of the planet has turned into a desert wasteland though there are rumors of havens spread throughout the desert itself that are thriving areas full of flora and fauna though most right it off as a fool's dream.

The creatures effected by the radiation have, over time, mutated and become what the surviving humans call abominations. The radiation warped their genetic makeup and altered the creatures in a such a way that many have special or enhanced abilities. Some have becoming living elements, others thrive in the underground areas where no smart person dares to venture. Some beings are larger than any building that still stands in the world today. Most of them are mindless monsters but there are those that are sentient. Ones that have survived since the fallout itself and these beasts are the ones to truly be feared.

In the ruins of a once great city, a group of humans have managed to survive there for over thirty years. They've established a governing body for themselves and have made a working community that functions as a whole to keep everyone safe. The Scavengers are brave individuals that venture outside the city into the wasteland itself to bring back any resources that may be available, food being their number one priority. These individuals are seen as protectors of the city and are able to get away with a little more than most. The Peacekeepers are the governing body and have been since the community was established. Made of members of the "First Families", the Peacekeepers oversee every decision made and dictate what can and cannot be done. Only individuals hailing from the bloodline of the First Families--those that established the original community--are able to become apart of this governing body.

There are humans that survived the fallout, survived the exposure to radiation and live their lives in the wasteland itself. These Wastelanders heed no laws set down by governing bodies and venture wherever they please whenever they please. Many of them have, due to exposure to constant radiation, developed strange abilities that make most normal humans wary of trusting them.
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☄Upon reaching Nibelheim, Zack realized that something was very off with Sephiroth and managed to keep him away from the reactor.
☄Sephiroth did not go insane; Nibelheim was quarantined.
☄Turks take control of the investigation while Zack, Sephiroth and Cloud return to Midgar. Hojo's research is obtained and given to another scientist in the research division to decipher.
☄Everything is brought to light about what Hojo and Lucrecia had done. Vincent is discovered by the Turks and brought back into the Shinra fold.
☄SOLDIER program is put out of commission. No new SOLIDERs will be created. Those that have already been through the program will stay on as a special forces division receiving treatments until a potential cure for the Mako treatments can be found.
☄A new division is created as a joint measure by the former SOLDIERs and the Turks. The program is dubbed SPECTRE and is an elite group of individuals gathered from all over the planet that have specialized abilities without the need for enhancements.

Key SPECTRE Members:
Cloud Strife -Proficient in sword use and materia use.
Squall Leonhart -Only member to weild a gunblade; no good with materia.
Luna Shepard -Just fucking crazy.
Zidane Tribal -Recon expert; potential Turk recruit.
Cremisius "Krem" Aclassi -Fights with a standard sword and shield
Auron -Proficient with swords.
Braska -High summoner; can summon multiple aeons at once.

Oversee SPECTRE Program
Vincent Valentine
Zack Faire
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