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CWolfeh ([personal profile] cwolfeh) wrote in [community profile] abstractborders 2017-07-11 01:42 pm (UTC)

Inactive Accounts

bewareofmailmen - Finn Hudson
mindbomb - Cletus Kasady
stayinthehousecarl - Rick Grimes
worldmindandme - Richard Rider
winterisdeadly - Bucky Barnes
itsybitsystacy - Gwen Stacy
borderlineagent - Peter Burke
flayking - Roose Bolton
notaleader - Curtis Everett
fashionistahero - Patsy Walker
speakstocities - Windblade
deathslover - Thanos
donttasemebee - Bumblebee
rungout - Rung
aloneintheuniverse - Aqua
naturalbornalpha - Scott McCall
thisiswhoiam - Zidane Tribal
mutantmessiah - Nathan Summers
isafuckingvampire - Vincent Valentine
iamfire - Smaug
xiggityswag - Xigbar
overcookedrunt - Amethyst
doesntwashout - Hiccup
radiochatter - Bumblebee
unrewarding - Grant Ward
blackbirdsinging - Crowe Altius
scienceexperiment - Calvin Zabo
fullmetalshorty - Edward Elric
theraptorsquad - Owen Grady

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