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Affectionate Physical Contact

The Affectionate Physical Contact Meme

You love spending time with your significant other; but sometimes, just "spending time" with him/her isn't enough. You need to have your hands on each other every now and then.

➝ Look for the character you'd like to tag, or post with your own character and the character from my muse list you'd like to tag with in the subject line.
➝ Use an rng with range 1-8 to roll a scenario.
➝ Roll as many times as you want, and play out whatever you'd like!

ONE; Hugging. You just want to give your loved one a warm embrace. Be it out of happiness, to comfort them while they're down, or just to give them something warm to latch onto, you just want to wrap your arms around them.

TWO; Kissing. Whether it's a peck on the cheek or a deep kiss, a kiss good-bye or a romantic kiss, you find yourself compelled to kiss the other person! Be as tender or as passionate as you so choose.

THREE; Holding hands. It's a simple gesture, really -- to reach out and take someone's hand. But that one simple gesture can convey any number of sentiments. What the sentiment is, is up to you, but you find yourself reaching out to take your significant other's hand.

FOUR; Carrying. Is your loved one hurt and needs a lift? Do they want a piggyback ride? Or do you just want to spare them the effort of walking? Whatever the reason, you're now itching to pick up your partner and carry them to their destination.

FIVE; I love you. You've said it before or maybe you haven't but now you have to say it again or for the first time.

SIX; Dancing. Kick up the music, because it's time to dance! But no lone dancing allowed -- you need to have a partner. Do whatever dance strikes your fancy.

SEVEN; Massaging. Did your significant other have a rough day? Did they get hurt? Or do you just feel like doing something really nice for them? Whatever it is, you're giving them a nice massage now. They'll feel wonderful in no time!

EIGHT; Flirting. The easiest way to break the ice or maybe you're just an overly flirty person.

NINE; Cuddling. Sometimes there's just no better feeling than curling up next to each other on a warm sofa. Hold each other, lie next to each other, fall asleep on each other -- it's all good here.

TEN; Wild card! Reroll, pick an option, or come up with something else!

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10 (cause I'm mixing things. lol)

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They'd been watching a movie late at night. Some scary flick that she couldn't even remember the name of. It had her burrowing against Scott's side though. After all, she was cold and no... NOT SCARED, but cold. And Scott? He was really warm due to being a werewolf. Even as she presses against his side, she runs a cold hand up his shirt to lay against his warm stomach.
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He couldn't help but start slightly as she ran a hand up his shirt, the press of cold skin against his warmer caught him by surprise. His focus had actually been on the movie, something about scary movies enthralling but his gaze shifted to Stiles and an eyebrow lifted.

"How are you so cold?" Scott murmured, shifting some so he could wrap his arm a bit better around her because it might have already found it's way around the other--but only because she had burrowed against him first.
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"Shut up, Scotty," she mutters pressing against him more. Even more when his arm wraps around her. The warmth coming off of him making her a bit tired. Or maybe that was whatever horror movie they were watching. This one wasn't scary enough.

"I've been cold all day," she tells him, pressing her hand a bit further up his shirt. "You're so warm." Even if she knew the reason behind it.

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Bucky Barnes

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Tyler Simms

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Leo Fitz

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Re: Finn Hudson

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Rachel slipped into the apartment quietly. It had been a very long day and the only thing that she wanted to do was forget about what a hellish day this had been, and spend some time with Finn.

She looked around the apartment.

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"In here!"

And by in here he meant the kitchen where he was practicing with his latest obsession: cooking. He was getting better at it, no fires or anything like that for quite some time now and the meal he prepared tonight?

It was edible! And vegetarian unlike the last time he cooked for Rachel because he might have just gotten ahead of himself okay?
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Rachel slipped off her shoes and padded into the kitchen, releasing her hair from it's braid as she went.

She slipped an arm around Finn, leaning into him a bit. "Hi," She said, leaning up and kissing his cheek. "What are you making?"

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Sam Wilson

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Ratchet | Transformers Prime | OTA

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A cross between one and nine~

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"Doc-bot. Hey Doc-bot!"

Never one to wait for a response, Smokescreen plastered himself against Ratchet's back, arms wrapped around the other's shoulders in part to be annoying and, in part, because he might be a bit more clingy than usual.

Without Optimus, Ratchet was his go-to bot for guidance and that meant plastering himself to the other whenever he felt like it.

"Are you busy?"
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Ratchet heard the young bot, but wasn't able to respond before those arms of his wrapped around his shoulders. The medic still wasn't used to such affection from others, which is why he tensed a little, his antennae wriggling in surprise. But he relaxed. Smokescreen, he could make an exception for. He had looked up to Optimus as a role model. And Ratchet knew the mech was in need of attention.

The old bot huffed a hard sigh through his vents before he glanced over his shoulder at the younger mech. "For you? No, I suppose I'm not." He tried to offer a small smile.

Oh, Optimus was far better at this than he was.

"What is it, Smokescreen?"
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"You should take a break," Smokescreen stated rather matter-of-factly, grinning some as he absently pressed closer to the medic, doorwings twitching in a pleased manner. "I'm pretty sure I haven't seen you outside of this room in a week, Doc-bot."

He might have been exaggerating but, at the same time, this was Ratchet.

Another rough translation of the request was: Come spend time with me.

"Have you even seen everything Bulk and the others have been doing?"

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Blackarachnia | TFA

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It was rare, oh so rare, that Bob ran into beings like himself anymore. Most of his kind had been destroyed, not that he was all that bothered by it considering he had a new family to protect him and that he could protect, but most of the other beings he came in contact with on a daily basis treated him as a pet and nothing more.

But then there was Blackarachnia.

She was different, like him, and he was drawn to her and tended to follow her around like a puppy, as he did with Sunstreaker.

Today though, today he scuttled right up to her and pushed himself up, tiny feeler hands making grabby motions at her as soft clicks and whurrs escaped him.

He wanted to try something!
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Re: Three

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Despite her tendency to be quite reclusive, Blackarachnia somehow doesn't mind the almost insistent company of the Insecticon. Mostly because he never seemed to want anything particular from her, or if he did, it was a simple matter to address. That, and for obvious reasons, her beastial alt-mode had never raised a negative response from him.

Having him near made it just a little easier to hate herself less.

Laying on a berth to pour over another scientific archival collection from older days, Blackarachnia taps at the screen with one slender talon to advance the text. Attention drifting from the theories already, she finds relief when Bob approaches her position only to push up and make grabbing motions with his smaller servos at her. She really doesn't know what it is he might be after, but he is definitely intent on getting to her.

With a soft laugh, Blackarachnia sets the data pad aside and swings her legs over the edge in the swift shift she makes from laying on her side to sitting at the edge, "Well what's gotten into you?" Easing herself from the edge, she slides off the berth and tucks one leg down to half kneel beside it and Bob. He'll have no better access to her than from down on the floor with him.
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Archer | OC

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There was something about being close to another being that Predaking had gotten far too use to. Between his fellow Predacons and other beings in general that he had grown close to, the dragon was use to always being physical with those he cared about in a caring manner, because, let's face it, he wants nothing more than to protect his.

So when he finds himself with company for the night, the larger dragon doesn't hesitate to settle close to Archer, tail winding around the smaller being as he lowers his head onto ground with a content rumble.
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Re: Nine!

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Archer inhaled sharply at the close contact. Something in which he had not felt for years. It was almost alient to him. Having spent most of his young adult life running and searching, it wasn't often that he had time to enjoy the small things.

The blue dragon shifted into a more comfortable position, trying to relax his tense muscles. He found himself curling up against the other dragon's side, feeling the heat in which the beast held within him. Archer even nuzzled his face against the other's shoulder a little before settling once more, wings fluttering.

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For Peter

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Derek had been away from home when his uncle had come home. Possibly even later than what Peter liked but there'd been a few things that needed done. Even if he's not too entirely sure what to think about it. Maybe that would... Well, it all depended on what mood his uncle was in.

"Peter?" He questions as he walks into the loft. Whether he was there or not was a whole other story.
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[personal profile] lupusresurgat 2014-11-13 02:16 am (UTC)(link)
Oh he was indeed there.

He was annoyed and bored but he was there, lounging upstairs reading. Hearing Derek, he snaps the book shut, eyebrow lifting a bit as he tosses it aside and pushes himself up off the bed.

"Decide to come home, have you?" he called out in a mock musing tone, moving towards the metal staircase and starting down it, trailing his hand along the railing. "I feel so honored~"
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[personal profile] born_a_wolf 2014-11-13 02:25 am (UTC)(link)

Well, he wasn't too entirely sure what mood his uncle was in. Not with that mock musing tone he had going on there. Though he does raise a brow at the way Peter was acting.

"Did you think I wouldn't come home?"

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