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Open RP Post - 2017

There's nothing wrong with reaching for new stars and those distance horizons.

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✘ Alternatively, I'm totally down for AUs as well. Post-apocalyptic, alien invasions, fantasy based--anything! Just tell me what you're interested in!
✘ This is open to everyone! Come one, come all!

Favorite Memes:
Soulmate AU + Morning After Meme + Rainy Day Meme + Dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic AU + Buddy Cop AU
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Noctis Lucis Caelum | Final Fantasy XV

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because i can't stop won't stop

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This isn't exactly a life that she would ever have to envision for herself, nor for others. Getting trapped in a world wasn't something that she was used to necessarily, not after having traveled to many of them for the sake of protecting them. But her Keyblade won't come anymore. Her magic doesn't feel natural or like it's a part of her anymore.

Not that she feels worthy of wielding her weapon anymore. Nor is it necessary for her to use magic spells. Not since she had long grown the wings on her back, feathers in her hair and the talons on her hands. Instead, flying and heights felt more natural, more normal.

She hates thinking like that, focusing on what's changed her. Despite not necessarily sharing her feelings to others, it disgusts and shames her. There are still moments when she's trying to fight her new instincts, but...

But as she flies back to her new home, some abandoned church-like building with a high roof and enters through the peak's window, it's clear that tonight is one of the times she's fallen prey against her monstrous new features. Hunting thrills her in ways that both excites and terrifies her, and when she drops down to the ground floor, she's eager to try and scrub the blood off her talons with a discarded and already dirtied cloth.

Of course, she might not be able to resist licking a claw as she does, but the frantic scraping of her claws against the hard clement and wood in the chapel might be loud enough to attract the attention of another...
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Noctis could barely remember how he had ended up in this place. How he'd gotten separated from his friends, tossed out of his world and into this place. The armiger was gone; it felt like he his connection had been completely severed. He had no access to magic.

He was alone and powerless.

Or at least he had been until the changes started. First it had been his legs, the bones twisting and reshaping themselves, tearing him from an already fitful sleep. Then he'd grown a tail and from there wings had sprouted. It was like he was some horrible mismash of different creatures and he couldn't put a name to what he was. Noctis hadn't seen something quite like..well, himself before. It was terrifying and exhilarating because with the changes can heightened senses, increased agility. Flight. Slowly but surely he was losing the battle with his instincts; forgetting who he was and that he needed to find a way home.

His tail lashed as he paused outside of the church, the distinct sound of claws scraping against wood drawing his attention. The prince bared his fangs as his eyes narrowed and he swiftly darted for the entrance, each footfall silent as he slunk inside. He caught sight of his prey immediately and hunkered down, wings folded close to his back as his tail lashed back and forth against the ground.

Wait for it...wait for it..

The prince sprang from his spot as soon as Aqua had turned her back in his direction, slamming into the young woman and knocking her to the ground so he could pin her.
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Perhaps Aqua had been changed into a predator in such a forceful way that she barely considered herself to be prey anymore. Or that she would be attacked on her own territory like this. Maybe by a group of fed up humans looking yo drive her away or kill her, but not another beast.

Without any enhanced hearing or sense of smell, she doesn't notice her visitor creeping in. It's only when he pounces and the feathers creating her pointed ear tufts quiver from the change in the air movements, does she turn.

Eyes going wide and with a shrill noise of surprise, Aqua feels her chest and body forced to the ground, breath knocked out of her lungs. Whatever big beast just hit her felt massive against her more lithe form and she's struggling to find both the upper body strength and a foothold or proper angle for her claws so that she can fight back.

Luckily her massive wings are still somewhat free, and they're flapping as hard as they can against the other body along with long, ribbon-like tail feathers. It'll at least serve as a distraction if it doesn't do any damage.

It's a strange sight to see. A humanoid bird being pinned down by an equally humanoid mash of creatures. The still human but frantic features on Aqua's face don't match up with the panicked squawks and chirps and other sounds that come out of her mouth. And the inhuman scream that soon erupts out of her throat, shrill and loud, doesn't match either.

Hope you don't mind being slightly deafened, Noctis. All this bird wants is for you to get off her.
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Okay. Nope. Not cool.

That inhuman scream hurts his heightened sense of hearing and a shrill shriek escapes Noctis as he jerks back to cover his ears. It leaves him straddling her as his scorpion like tail thumps down hard against her legs. His head feels like it's about to split open but he knows that he can't hesitate for too long; leaving her an opening would be a bad idea.

Which is why, clawed hands still clamped over his ears, he flaps his wings downward to hit her with a hard gust, lifting himself up in the process so he can get some distance--

And collect himself.
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Neither is jumping a harpy when her back is turned.

She can feel the pressure releasing from her limbs as he rears back and Aqua scrambles to get some distance, clawing at the floor boards and dragging herself up. But the slam on her legs makes her cry out again, this time out of pain rather than a deafening defensive mechanism. Nothing feels broken, but the roughened skin under her plumage is going to bruise.

The gust is enough to disorient her on it's own, cutting her cry short and nearly flattening her wings against the floor. But as much as it provides her attacker with a chance to gain some distance, Aqua tries to move as well. Bringing in her wings to rest against her back, her talons find notches in the wood and she pulls herself up and away from him.

If she can just make it up to the rafters, she'll have way more room to move around and evade him.
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Why does she have to make this so difficult? It'd be much easier if she'd just accept her fate instead of fighting it.

Noctis let's out a snarl as she attempts to get away, claws slipping away from his ears that stay flat to his head now so he can make a lunge at the harpy. He loses his footing on some damaged floorboards though and falls sort, immediately scrambling to get himself upright, flapping his wings to get himself in the air since he has a feeling he knows what's she's trying to do.

Go for those rafters and he's going to be right behind you Aqua.
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Because some birds don't like the idea of some random cat making a meal out of them.

She shrieks in return, hardly the same kind that defeaned him earlier but she wants to send out a warning shot of her own. She's hardly a helpless little bird here, and takes advantage of the cat's stumble by gaining some ground and using her own talons to climb up a post that leads to the rafters.

But she doesn't think a little stumble will stop him. Shrieking at him again, Aqua positions herself properly and sends her own powerful gust of wind his way with her own wings. Follow her will you? She'll make sure you can't even reach her.
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It's the circle of life you stupid bird!

He's managed to get himself up onto one of the rafters by the time she turns to send a powerful gust his way and the manticore immediately digs his claws in and hunkers down. Her control over wind is much stronger than his given how much more powerful her wings are and a shrill hiss escapes him once he can finally move again.

Cheap shot, feather head.

Wings spreading, Noctis leaps to the next rafter before she can flap at him again, only hesitating a moment before he makes a quick leap straight up, snagging a hold of the rafter she's on. He doesn't make it onto it, though, and instead just digs his claws in and swings his scorpion tail upwards to try and hit her with the barbs.
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Shut up, fuzzball.

She has to use what little abilities and defences she now has. Her control over the wind isn't as great as it used to be when she casted Aero a long time ago.

At least it offers her a bit of time, but she can't exactly escape the cat's powerful legs. Aqua tries to get as much distance as she can on all fours on the rafter, but Noctis' claws digging into the wood makes her almost do a double take.

But only for a mere moment. The harpy can figure out what he might be up to and pounces forward, sharp talons aimed at digging right into the cat's paws. Unfortunately, it leaves her open, and she feels the sharp sting of his barbs in her leg.

Hope Noct doesn't mind going deaf again, because Aqua is screeching again and flapping her wings downward, just as loudly as the first time. If he lets go, she'll let go.
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Make him, feather brain.

Noctis can't help but let out a shrill feline scream when those talons sink into his paws, the manticore thrashing where he hangs. His tail immediately is jerked back before he slams it into her leg again and then once more, attempting to cause her enough pain that she'd back off.

But then she's screaming again.

Even with his ears pressed flat to his head it's deafening and his head spins with the pain. His tail is jerked free and he's struggling now--struggling to get free; to let go so he can drop down and get away from her.
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She is now, fluffbutt.

The second slam to her leg feels even worse than the first, and for a moment she stops her screaming only to cry out in pain again. She's never seen anything that could attack with its tail before like this, whether stabbing or slamming, and whatever is in that tail's venom feels like its beginning to course through her.

But once she feels the tail let go, the talons begin to loosen in his paws. If she had half the mind right now, she'd feel pretty terrible at the injuries she's given him, but it's out of defence in a way. He jumped her after all.

If she can just get away from him, make it to open sky or just... who knows, calm him down maybe? Get him to back off? Then she could be safe.
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...Shut up.

He manages to jerk one paw away, shredding his skin some in the process but anything to get away. It isn't hard for him to get the other free as well and then he's falling. The manticore hits the ground in an aborted crouch, slumping forward slightly and almost resting his forehead against the ground as his hands ache and his head throbs as if it's about to split open.

It's going to take him a few minutes before he'll be able to get his bearings again. Until then, he's just going to stay right where he is, tail resting on the ground and his wings draped across the floor at his sides.
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Once he even lets one paw go, Aqua's quick to let up on his other limb. While he very well could swipe at her still, somehow, the more human side of her maybe, she thinks that he isn't. That maybe he's had enough.

Even as he drops to the ground, the harpy is quick to get away. But the moment she puts some weight on that one leg, she nearly stumbles on the rafter out of pain, colliding with the wood and crying out, sounding more human than monster for once.

It doesn't help that she can still see the beast on the ground below her, and although she starting to feel a little numb from the venom, she can't help but worry about him. He... doesn't look good.

It could be a bad idea, but she trills gently at the manticore, worried about him.
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The sound doesn't register with him right away because of the ringing in his ears but the manticore does shift after a minute or two, ears slowly perking as he lifts his head to peer up at her.

..Why was she worried about him?

A low rumble escapes him, not a growl but more a disgruntled sound than anything else. Noctis shakily attempts to get himself upright but ends up giving up and slumping onto his side, letting out a heavy breath in the process.

His head is never going to stop aching. It's just going to explode, simple as that.
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Because she hurt you, fuzzball.

It's as simple as that. She might not be human anymore but she's determined to cling to whatever little bit she might have left. And if that means having regrets in terms of attacking other people or creatures, well, she'll be a regretful monster.

Her tail and wings jerk as the cat moves, and she ends up trilling at him again, with a little more urgency this time. For now she's ignoring that she's not sure whether she can feel the rafter under her talons. Her sense of touch might be slipping a little...
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You're strange...but considering he's been trying (and failing) to hang onto some bits of himself, he understands.

His ears flick at her second twill, only vaguely realizing how urgent it sounds. He's slowly giving in to the urge to just let himself pass out and it's obvious in the way his entire body just starts to slump.

Sleep sounds good. Let's ignore the fact that there's nothing safe about this location at all...
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Considering you're the one who snuck in and attacked her, that's saying something.

From this distance, she sees how much he's slipping into unconsciousness, and her next cry starts off louder before it dies in her throat. Maybe her screaming was too much for him, and Aqua frowns at that thought.

He... he should rest, and she should let him. The cat might have provoked her, but she's been considering this small a place a bit of a sanctuary. And to move him now would probably cause more problems.

She steps off the rafter, intending to glide down beside him. The only problem is that it's far too clumsy, and her wings aren't beating properly and she misreads how close she is to the floor. Instead of a graceful landing, Aqua tumbles onto the floor, her injured leg not quite working like it should. His poison really is starting to take affect.

Still, she does try to do her best to half drag the cat into a dark corner by an arm, so that he isn't some monstrous sitting duck in this place. It isn't easy considering he's far bulkier than her, and it's more exhausting than she first imagined, but she does it.

Only to practically collapse onto the ground a few feet from him herself. At least he can be safe, but the harpy just needs to rest for a little bit. Her body just feels so heavy now...