ghostdrives: (♒ If I don't get my head straight first)
Aqua ([personal profile] ghostdrives) wrote in [community profile] abstractborders 2017-04-12 11:54 pm (UTC)

Once he even lets one paw go, Aqua's quick to let up on his other limb. While he very well could swipe at her still, somehow, the more human side of her maybe, she thinks that he isn't. That maybe he's had enough.

Even as he drops to the ground, the harpy is quick to get away. But the moment she puts some weight on that one leg, she nearly stumbles on the rafter out of pain, colliding with the wood and crying out, sounding more human than monster for once.

It doesn't help that she can still see the beast on the ground below her, and although she starting to feel a little numb from the venom, she can't help but worry about him. He... doesn't look good.

It could be a bad idea, but she trills gently at the manticore, worried about him.

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