ghostdrives: (♒ She's almost brighter than the sun)
Aqua ([personal profile] ghostdrives) wrote in [community profile] abstractborders 2017-04-10 09:48 pm (UTC)

Shut up, fuzzball.

She has to use what little abilities and defences she now has. Her control over the wind isn't as great as it used to be when she casted Aero a long time ago.

At least it offers her a bit of time, but she can't exactly escape the cat's powerful legs. Aqua tries to get as much distance as she can on all fours on the rafter, but Noctis' claws digging into the wood makes her almost do a double take.

But only for a mere moment. The harpy can figure out what he might be up to and pounces forward, sharp talons aimed at digging right into the cat's paws. Unfortunately, it leaves her open, and she feels the sharp sting of his barbs in her leg.

Hope Noct doesn't mind going deaf again, because Aqua is screeching again and flapping her wings downward, just as loudly as the first time. If he lets go, she'll let go.

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