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Aqua ([personal profile] ghostdrives) wrote in [community profile] abstractborders 2017-03-28 08:20 pm (UTC)

Perhaps Aqua had been changed into a predator in such a forceful way that she barely considered herself to be prey anymore. Or that she would be attacked on her own territory like this. Maybe by a group of fed up humans looking yo drive her away or kill her, but not another beast.

Without any enhanced hearing or sense of smell, she doesn't notice her visitor creeping in. It's only when he pounces and the feathers creating her pointed ear tufts quiver from the change in the air movements, does she turn.

Eyes going wide and with a shrill noise of surprise, Aqua feels her chest and body forced to the ground, breath knocked out of her lungs. Whatever big beast just hit her felt massive against her more lithe form and she's struggling to find both the upper body strength and a foothold or proper angle for her claws so that she can fight back.

Luckily her massive wings are still somewhat free, and they're flapping as hard as they can against the other body along with long, ribbon-like tail feathers. It'll at least serve as a distraction if it doesn't do any damage.

It's a strange sight to see. A humanoid bird being pinned down by an equally humanoid mash of creatures. The still human but frantic features on Aqua's face don't match up with the panicked squawks and chirps and other sounds that come out of her mouth. And the inhuman scream that soon erupts out of her throat, shrill and loud, doesn't match either.

Hope you don't mind being slightly deafened, Noctis. All this bird wants is for you to get off her.

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