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Noctis could barely remember how he had ended up in this place. How he'd gotten separated from his friends, tossed out of his world and into this place. The armiger was gone; it felt like he his connection had been completely severed. He had no access to magic.

He was alone and powerless.

Or at least he had been until the changes started. First it had been his legs, the bones twisting and reshaping themselves, tearing him from an already fitful sleep. Then he'd grown a tail and from there wings had sprouted. It was like he was some horrible mismash of different creatures and he couldn't put a name to what he was. Noctis hadn't seen something quite like..well, himself before. It was terrifying and exhilarating because with the changes can heightened senses, increased agility. Flight. Slowly but surely he was losing the battle with his instincts; forgetting who he was and that he needed to find a way home.

His tail lashed as he paused outside of the church, the distinct sound of claws scraping against wood drawing his attention. The prince bared his fangs as his eyes narrowed and he swiftly darted for the entrance, each footfall silent as he slunk inside. He caught sight of his prey immediately and hunkered down, wings folded close to his back as his tail lashed back and forth against the ground.

Wait for it...wait for it..

The prince sprang from his spot as soon as Aqua had turned her back in his direction, slamming into the young woman and knocking her to the ground so he could pin her.

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