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Aqua ([personal profile] ghostdrives) wrote in [community profile] abstractborders 2017-03-27 11:53 pm (UTC)

because i can't stop won't stop

This isn't exactly a life that she would ever have to envision for herself, nor for others. Getting trapped in a world wasn't something that she was used to necessarily, not after having traveled to many of them for the sake of protecting them. But her Keyblade won't come anymore. Her magic doesn't feel natural or like it's a part of her anymore.

Not that she feels worthy of wielding her weapon anymore. Nor is it necessary for her to use magic spells. Not since she had long grown the wings on her back, feathers in her hair and the talons on her hands. Instead, flying and heights felt more natural, more normal.

She hates thinking like that, focusing on what's changed her. Despite not necessarily sharing her feelings to others, it disgusts and shames her. There are still moments when she's trying to fight her new instincts, but...

But as she flies back to her new home, some abandoned church-like building with a high roof and enters through the peak's window, it's clear that tonight is one of the times she's fallen prey against her monstrous new features. Hunting thrills her in ways that both excites and terrifies her, and when she drops down to the ground floor, she's eager to try and scrub the blood off her talons with a discarded and already dirtied cloth.

Of course, she might not be able to resist licking a claw as she does, but the frantic scraping of her claws against the hard clement and wood in the chapel might be loud enough to attract the attention of another...

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