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Cloud Strife ([personal profile] backwatertrooper) wrote in [community profile] abstractborders 2017-01-03 07:40 pm (UTC)

8D not suspicious or awkward at all, this!

Cold and still wet, Cloud had managed to doze - and woke up to the sound of an approaching vehicle. Startled, he almost fell off the pew, grabbing the back of it at the last moment, and wondered why he was still here. He shouldn't be!

Eyeing the broken door, Cloud glanced around reflexively, but the best in the terms of weapons here was broken debris that wouldn't stand for a single hit or kick, even less a sword or a gun... or materia. And maybe he wouldn't even need any, no matter how tense he was feeling.

Sliding off the pew, there was a very brief urge to go hide behind one of the pillars, but, suddenly angry at himself for that urge because even if he wasn't strong enough to be SOLDIER, he could defend himself, he backed off out into the open area right in front of the pool. More space to move, if nothing else.

The noise of the door opening dragged Cloud's attention back up towards the front of the church, rain pouring down like someone had upended a bucket, but that was less important than the hand ready to draw a weapon. And that was less important than the dizzily familiar hairstyle.

Cloud had intended to ask where he was, but all that came out was a very soft and quiet "What..?" as he stared, eyes wide. What else was he supposed to do, looking at somebody who looked like himself... if older. Cloud was again starting to doubt that he wasn't dreaming.

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