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Cloud Strife ([personal profile] backwatertrooper) wrote in [community profile] abstractborders 2017-01-01 03:11 pm (UTC)

somewhere beteen 3 and 9 for the rainy day meme

Waking up standing in a pool of water with flowers growing at the bottom of it, confused and wet not just up his legs but also from the rain falling in from the broken roof, Cloud's convinced he must be dreaming.

Except usually he's never actually wet when water is involved while he dreams, and right now he is definitely wet. And a little cold - wearing only his usual sleep pants and a t-shirt would explain that - so when a drop falls onto his cheek from a sodden spike weighed down by water, Cloud jerks and finally wades out of the pool, pulling himself up to the debris-strewn floor.

Looking around, he has no idea where he is. Which, well, wouldn't be odd for a dream, but he can smell rain and some faint, floral scent despite the flowers being under the water, wet wood and stone, and the aged-polished wood is very startlingly real under his bare feet.

Shuffling over to the broken doors, Cloud glances out and stares at the utter ruin outside, which he, again, doesn't recognize. It's certainly not Nibelheim - a thought which makes the now mostly-healed injuries the Genesis copies gave him ache in thought.

The rain is also coming down harder than before, and he backs up until he can curl up on one of the whole pews (a broken church?) and frown at the pool of water. Something just feels... off. Cloud tries to ignore it for now, but being wet and dressed for sleep doesn't make it very easy.

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