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Noctis "Noct" Lucis Caelum ([personal profile] lightofnightsky) wrote in [community profile] abstractborders 2016-12-27 03:07 pm (UTC)

I'll have you know I rolled for literally everything

[ SO I GOT THE APOCALYPSE THING... with these two. RNG decided 2 > 8 was the thing that should happen. This shouldn't be a disaster by any stretch of the imagination. :') ]

Nobody ever saw it coming...

Well, except maybe those guys who seemed to have made a living off of holding up those depressing signs. He had to wonder just how it had felt for them, realizing they'd had the right idea all along... The end of the world wasn't anything to be happy about predicting, he was sure. Not that it really mattered after all was said and done. But... Noctis wasn't really given a chance to do much about anything, save for thinking about all those things, at first. Being shoved down into a storm cellar and told to wait there... He'd called out a question of until what, only to be met by a slammed door to his face.


He'd waited. Plagued with the last image he'd seen of his dad, left to cry himself to sleep, and the most alone he'd ever been...

... How long had he been down there?

When he wasn't sleeping or eating, he was training. Eventually, he forgot how sunlight felt on his skin... and he forgot how a hot meal tasted... and how a hot shower felt. Well, it was a good thing water and soap was part of the supplies, or else he wouldn't be clean at all. The changes of clothes started to feel tight, though... and the water supplies were low. For a long while, he considered what to do.

The maid who told him to stay down there... what had she expected, exactly? Well, no matter what it was, he couldn't stay there any longer -- he wouldn't just die down there!

Which was what eventually led him back out into the world... One he didn't recognize. Armed with an old sword, he did the best he could. It didn't take him too long to eventually find somewhat better weapons, but... food and water were proving to be the most difficult. He searched old stores, crumbling building... everywhere that seemed the least touched.

Eventually, he came across a place that wasn't quite as empty of life as it seemed... even if he hadn't noticed that detail yet.

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